Boulia-Gorrell Lumber Company has been in business since 1872 and is one of the oldest independent lumber companies in the United States. We are a company that has survived two world wars, The Great Depression, and countless changes in the lumber- and home-improvement industry. Four generations of the Veazey family and their staff are what has made Boulia-Gorrell Lumber Company the success that it is today.

Long before the world was aware of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s inability to walk, The Boulia-Gorrell Lumber Company was asked to create special crutches for the thirty-second President.

Today, The Boulia-Gorrell Lumber Company continues servicing customers with its Custom Design Center,  its Custom Millwork Shop, and a host of other services.

Have a look at the gallery of photos below to share some of the history of The Boulia-Gorrell Lumber Company.

Not even water can stop our deliveries. The photos below were taken in 1997 when we made a delivery to Mark Island.

Boulia-Gorrell Lumber Company Delivery to Mark Island

We can provide everything you need from the foundation up!

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