In Stock Now: Fiberon Decking!

Fiberon Decking LogoWe’ve just added a new product to our lineup, and we think you’re going to love it! Fiberon Decking has been added to our inventory, and if you’re not familiar with this amazing solution, you certainly should be. The best composite decking choice in the market today, it offers many advantages over other choices, and it can make your dream deck a reality in a hurry.

The Advantages of Fiberon

Fiberon Horizon DeckingAs you design your dream deck, one of the very first choices you’ll have to make is materials, and Fiberon has so many advantages over any other choice on the market. It’s designed to withstand the elements, which means it’s going to be beautiful in the years to come. You’ll never need to paint, stain, or seal it, and it’s weather and bug resistant. It’s also splinter-free, which means a much higher level of safety for the whole family. Add that to the fact that you get a higher return on your investment with a material like Fiberon, and you have a winning combination you’ll want to choose over and over again.

The Warranty

Fiberon Horizon Decking VistaOne of the best parts about Fiberon decking is that no matter which of the excellent selections available you choose, you’re going to get a warranty that means decades of performance and peace of mind. You certainly can’t say that for most traditional wood choices out there.

As you begin to design a deck that meets your outdoor living needs, don’t forget to take a moment to discover all of our new Fiberon products in stock, They’ll change everything you thought you knew about decking!